It’d be cool if cats were smarter: then maybe they could be considered members of society, vote, cook, work, and help pay the rent.

But it’d also mean I wouldn’t be able to pee with the door open, anymore.

Being actively annoyed by trigger warnings is kinda like telling a guy to not perform CPR on a choking man because seeing two dudes kiss makes you uncomfortable.

Wow, one instance of a “trigger warning” for half a second on an episode of Game Grumps, and everyone on YouTube goes apeshit. Seriously? Is a non-invasive disclaimer really something you’re going to spend your day fighting over? Is the slight sense of irritation you get seeing a line of text warning viewers REALLY outweigh the potential harm the content might cause a handful of people? Where the fuck did the empathy go?

Whatever. I always forget it’s just YouTube. I installed a comment-hiding plugin for Chrome.